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Bo Watson, CEO & Founder
Bo started his career in golf at the age of 5 when his dad and grandpa introduced him to the game. The first hole they played was a Par 3. His grandpa handed him a cut down 3 wood and proceeded to hit his first shot that sailed through the air 75 yards just short of the green. It was this shot that led to him becoming hooked for life.

As a result, Bo had a dream to play on the PGA Tour. He played in many junior golf events experiencing multiple wins. However, it was in high school that things started plateauing and the dream of playing the PGA Tour was fading.
The day that Bo says he will always remember started with him in the golf cart next to his high school coach. In front of him were his teammates missing putt after putt and shot after shot in the State Regionals. And it was halfway through the day that the nightmare he wanted to wake up from was starting to manifest in front of him. Then it happened. The team missed qualifying for the State Championship. He didn't realize the knee injury the week before was going to be the last prep golf he would play and the last chance to secure a Division I Scholarship. This was devastating to him as he felt like a failure for letting his parents and grandparents down for all of their sacrifices over the years. 
It was a hard few weeks for Bo but thanks to an instructor at the time he was introduced to David Orr. David is the Director Of Instruction at Campbell University for the PGA Golf Management Program. He is also the Short Game Coach to Justin Rose, Hunter Mahan, Paul Casey, and numerous other Tour Players.

In order to keep his dream of playing the PGA Tour alive Bo thought his chances were better to attend Campbell and learn under David while getting a degree than to go play for a Division III school.

It was at Campbell that Bo became David's Intern for 2 years assisting him with Player Development classes and private lessons. His goal was to soak up all the information he could so he could later teach himself to keep his dream of playing on the PGA Tour alive, but something happened.

At Campbell, PGA Golf Management students were required by the PGA to pass the PAT(Playing Ability Test) with a target of score 156 or lower after 36 holes. The problem?
Top Row L To R: Mark Urbanek, Forest, Charlie Wi(PGA Tour), Mark Sweeney(AimPoint), David Orr(PGA Tour Coach)
Bottom Row L To R: Bo Watson, Keith Handler
Students were failing miserably by only passing 15-20% of the time the first time taking it.When David recognized this, he decided to shift the model from all full-swing to a more holistic approach. The result? 

First time passing rates jumped to 55-65% and the PGA adopting his curriculum for all PGA Universities nationwide!
When Bo witnessed this from a front row seat as his Intern he realized this information needed to get out to every golfer like YOU and not just aspiring PGA Professionals.

This is why Bo quit his dream of pursuing the PGA Tour because he knew this could change thousands of golfer's games. As a result, 75 golfers in the past 2.5 years have shot their new lifetime low rounds and hundreds more play the game with fun and confidence. 

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About Shannon

When Shannon was a kid growing up he started playing competitive soccer at the age of 6. And in his spare time he would go skate sessions at the local roller rink pretty much every Saturday night. When he got into high school he started skating practices for the high point speed skating club.

 However, his parents at the time wanted him to focus on soccer because they knew that it would increase his chances of earning a scholarship for college. Playing soccer he was able to travel all around the USA and play in countries such as Germany, Holland, and Denmark with the Charlotte eagles.

When he got out of college he returned back to inline speed skating. As a result, in his first year he placed 2nd at nationals in 1996. Then he won nationals in 1999 and broke the national record by over 1.5 second.

However, his success as an athlete did not come without cost. When Shannon was born he was severely clubfooted meaning his arches were actually standing straight up vertical versus turned in. As a result, he had to wear special shoes for 23 hours every single day with only one hour break without the shoes on to help mold his feet back to normal.

Unfortunately, this did not work and the only other option was to have reconstructive surgery on both feet. The surgeries were done by 2 separate doctors with over 6 hours of surgery on each foot. Before the surgery my doctors warned my parents that even with the surgery I would not be able to walk normal or run the way a normal person would be able to run. This was when his parents fervently reached out to God and leaned on him to provide complete healing to where he could be a normal kid, believing God to heal his feet to where he could run normal.
A couple of weeks after his surgery, his grandfather took him out to the Lake at the end of a pier fishing. He would cast the line out for him to reel in each time. While sitting on the end of the pier with his feet hanging off the edge of the pier over the water, a fish grabbed the bait and jerk so hard it pulled him violently into the water.  

Shannon is quoted as saying, “I'm not sure how long I was underwater, however I remember coming out of my body floating away seeing myself as I looked back at a limp three-year-old body, dead and lifeless in the water. As I was out of my body I saw a bright light with a hand reaching through the bright light. When the hand grabbed me I immediately came back into my body and that is when I came back to life. It was God himself that saved my life and I'm sure it was through my parents diligent prayers for me and that was the manifestation of it happening and coming to passed in my life. Only 3 years I later at the age of 6 was when I started playing soccer.”
Shannon still has the special shoes that he wore for 23 Hours A-day and also one of the casts that slipped off his foot when he was underwater. He also still has his 1st pair of soccer shoes at the age of 6. You may ask, “why does he still have those?” Well it's extremely powerful because in his athletic career nothing was just handed to him. He lived by the quote, “work hard beats talent when talent does not work hard.”

Discovering The Secret To Getting Into The Zone

Growing up playing soccer allowed Shannon to be pretty quick on his feet could out sprint a lot of people. However, that didn’t transfer over well into speed skating for him. In speed skating it's common for the start can be the most important aspect of the race and for him it was something that he really struggled with.

Thankfully, one evening after a skating session some of the skaters put their shoes own and raced across the floor of the rink. Shannon would win every time. But then during practices and actually at speed skating meets with skating doing a start Shannon would be the last off the line. You see the guys he was racing in practice were all National Champions and he was beating every one of them in races with shoes on.
As a result, he didn't quite understand what was missing in his start. Then he ran across a quote that said, “speed skating was 10% perspiration and 90% concentration.” And that's when he started looking into that 90% that he was lacking because he felt there was no reason these guys should be beating him off the line.

He did a lot of research on the mental aspect of sport and putting it all together he learned how to trigger his body and mind to be “In the Zone” on demand at a flip of a switch. Within the 1st month he started beating some skaters off the line that he never had before. Within 2 months he was not only winning every start in practice but he was winning speed skating meets for the 1st time. He then went on to being undefeated that year.
Unfortunately, a foot injury pushed him out of competitive speed skating but launched him into coaching speed skating and becoming a sports performance specialist. He was fortunate to be able to coach some incredible athletes. Here’s some of their success:

• 142 National Championships
• 18 World Team Members
• 9-11 Skaters making the World Team at once at once. Has never been done before in US history and at the time the world
• 6 World Champions – With several repeating
• 2 Olympians Kimani Griffin and
o Heather Richardson Bergsma: When I coached her she was a 7 time world champion with a total of 11 placements at the World Championships.
o Switched to Long Track Ice Won numerious world cups, World championships, and world record holder
o Olympic Bronze Medal
• Coached National Team Clinics
• World Team Manager
• Sports Performance Specialist (20yrs)

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