100% of sport psychologists say you can’t get in the zone or flow state on demand. However, I’ve found something quite simple that can change the world.

To be perfectly clear the idea is quite simple, the science behind it is simple too, but the ramification is profound and life changing. The end result, is the only system on the planet that gets you In The Zone on Demand at a flip of a switch backed by science. Join us as we embark on the mission to help 100,000 golfers to shoot their new lifetime low rounds!

Physical Training Alone Isn’t Enough To Reach Your True Potential & Consistently Perform Your Best!

Take your game to the next level using a similar system that the world’s top competitors use to produce results. It's lonely going the extra mile. A CHAMPION is made when no one is looking. Master the mental game so you can consistently perform at your best, overcome any obstacle and stay focused under pressure. Your separation is in your preparation to get "In The Zone!" Success leaves clues.

Why This Is Not Some Other Mental Training Program...

Shannon Shuskey

Bo Watson

In The Zone Mental Training is the world's first mental program backed by science that helps athletes get into the zone at a flip of a switch.

The principles found inside our training were discovered by accident one evening when Shannon realized he was a faster runner on foot than the skaters who were National Champions in practice. This discovery led him to go from a struggling skater to becoming a National Champion and Record Holder.

He then went on to coach speed skaters the same system he used that led to 142 National Champions, 18 World Team members, 6 World Champions, and 2 Olympians.

When Bo met with Shannon in the Summer of 2018 and learned the reason behind the success of his system, he wanted to see if it could work for golf too.

To test it, he went out and played a total of 8 rounds in 2018 cold turkey (no practice between). The result was 6 out of the 8 rounds were under par and the last round was 9 holes where he shot 4 under with 3 lip out birdies.

Due to this success, Bo shared it with his students and the results they got were amazing. After this Bo and Shannon launched the beta version of this challenge with 131 golfers and the end result was for every golfer who completed the challenge, the average strokes dropped was 5.1 strokes in 45 days or less. This included players ranging from high handicappers to tour players. Since then they have worked with over 300 golfers with an average of drop 6.7 strokes in 90 days or less.


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Hear From Our Clients

A couple of months ago I was confronted with a wrist injury while desperately wanting to start up competition after a year break! I could barely practice when I heard of In The Zone Mental Training.

After little actual practice I made the cuts at both the Scottish and British Open. Of course, I expect more of myself long term, but considering where I came from, this was a big success!


Sandra Gal


I took numerous private lessons with Shannon as he coached me through my inline speed skating career before I went to Long Track ice. While he coached me I was a 7 time world champion, placed 11 times at the World Championships with numerous national championship and several national records. My last year as a junior I won the 300m, 500m world champion, and got a bronze medal in the marathon which is very rare a sprinter places in the marathon.

I went on to long track ice broke 4 world records; 2 x 500m, 1000m, 1500m, and the sprint combine. In 2017 I was the first speed skater of either gender to win world titles in the 500m, 1000m and 1500m eventsI


Heather Bergsma

Olympic Bronze Medalist

This program is amazing because it not only transforms your sport but also your daily life. Before working with Shannon, I had major performance anxiety, and struggled with self worth and confidence.

After working with Shannon my life transformed, I was not only starting to perform in my sport, but in my daily life and career. I no longer struggle with performance anxiety or confidence. I now look forward to racing and challenges. I no longer dwell on the negatives which allows me to look forward to each day and what the day may bring… It truly is a great feeling.

My Mom and coaches has noticed the change and they have said it's like I'm a totally different person


Erica Orndorff

U.S.A World Team

Pan-American Team

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